Curtiss-Wright Demonstrates Power® Architecture-based Glass Cockpit Display Solution and Advanced Air-Flow Through (AFT) Cooling for 3U Systems

May 17, 2016

NXP FTF 2016 Technology Forum (Pedestals 551 and 554), AUSTIN, Texas – May 16, 2016 - Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions today announced that it will feature two NXP® Power® Architecture-based COTS technology demonstrations during the NXP FTF 2016 Technology Forum. CoreAVI’s Glass Cockpit Demo will feature Curtiss-Wright’s NXP P2020 processor-based XMC-109 XMC mezzanine single board computer (SBC)coupled with the VPX3-716 AMD 8860 high performance graphics processor module running CoreAVI graphics drivers and ANSYS SCADE System software. The Glass Cockpit Demo highlights a proven solution for quickly integrating a high-performance single-slot DO-178C-certifiable graphics solution for use on size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained rugged platforms such as tactical aircraft and armored vehicles. 

Curtiss-Wright will also present a live demonstration of the embedded COTS industry’s first fully functional COTS 3U Air Flow Through (AFT) chassis. The 3U OpenVPX™-based AFT-enabled system runs application software while cooling two VPX modules, the NXP QorIQ T2080 processor-based VPX3-133 SBC and the VPX3-716 graphics module, both outfitted with AFT frames. The demonstration features Presagis graphics drivers and uses the new OpenGL SC 2.0 industry standard safety certifiable OpenGL API from CoreAVI, recently demonstrated by Curtiss-Wright, an industry first, at the AEE (Aviation Electronics Europe) conference on April 25, 2016. 

Based on the VITA 48.8 AFT cooling standard, Curtiss-Wright’s 3U VPX AFT chassis is the first to demonstrate AFT cooling for today’s hotter 3U OpenVPX form factor modules. It’s designed to address today’s demand for 3U systems with up to 10 and 12-modules that cannot be cooled effectively using conventional methods. The new fully functional AFT demonstrator system follows on the company’s milestone presentation in January, 2016 at VITA’s Embedded Tech Trends conference, during which Curtiss-Wright presented the industry’s first mechanical/thermal demonstration of a VITA 48.8 COTS 3U AFT system. 

About VITA 48.8

Based on technologies developed by Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, Owego, New York, VITA 48.8 helps reduce weight and cost for high density, high power dissipation 3U and 6U module based systems by eliminating the use of wedgelocks and ejector/injector handles VITA 48.8 also supports alternative air-flow arrangements, allowing air inlet at both card edges. Because VITA 48.8 does not use module-to-chassis conduction cooling, it also promises to help drive innovative use of new lightweight plastic or composite material based chassis. Curtiss-Wright chairs the VITA 48.8 working group defining this new open standard. 

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