Curtiss-Wright Selected by Tactical Air Support to Provide Rugged Data Recorder and Mission Computer for Use on Tactical Fighter Aircraft

April 8, 2019

ASHBURN, Va. – January 8, 2019 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that it was awarded a contract by Tactical Air Support, Inc. (Tactical Air) to provide a cockpit accessible rugged data recorder and a pre-integrated mission computer to upgrade its fleet of F-5AT (Advanced Technology) Tiger II Military supersonic tactical fighters. Under the contract, Curtiss-Wright will provide Tactical Air with its Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Parvus® DuraCOR® 8042 processor and Data Transport System 3-slot (DTS3) Network Attached Storage (NAS) file server. The DTS3 file server supports FIPS 140-2 hardware encrypted solid-state storage of mission data. It communicates seamlessly via Ethernet to a modified version of Curtiss-Wright’s DuraCOR 80-42 modular mission computer subsystem. The contract, which is valued at more than $1 million, is scheduled to run through the second quarter of 2019.

"We are very pleased that Tactical Air Support has selected our rugged mission computer and data recorder solutions for use in its F-5AT fighter aircraft fleet,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “We are especially proud, as this is the first selection of the DTS3 recorder for use on a fixed wing supersonic tactical fighter, and strengthens our position as a trusted and proven supplier of rugged high performance COTS electronics solutions.”

About the Data Transport System:

The DTS3 NAS file server is designed for use in mobile vehicles, field ground stations, and aircraft. The rugged unit is easily integrated into network centric systems to provide an easy-to-use, turnkey Network File Server (NFS). The system hosts three Removable Memory Cartridges (RMC), each of which supports up to 2 TB of stored data. To provide quick off-load of data, each RMC can be easily removed from one DTS3 unit and installed into another DTS3, providing full, seamless data transfer between one or more networks in separate locations (e.g. Mission Planning System - Aircraft).

About the Parvus DuraCOR 8042 Mission Computer:

The Parvus DuraCOR 8042 is a rugged modular mission computer subsystem based on a quad-core (8-thread), 5th gen Intel® Core™ i7 (“Broadwell”) processor. Like other Parvus small form factor (SFF) mission systems, the DuraCOR 8042 has been qualified through extensive MIL-STD environmental and EMI testing, including conditions specific to jet fighter applications. Its rugged system design reduces program risk and acquisition cost for the US Air Force, while providing all the advantages of rugged open architecture COTS technology. It features PCI Express® (PCIe) Mini Card slots and a PCIe/104 bus architecture to support rapid platform-specific add-on I/O module integration with no/low NRE expense. Optimally designed for size, weight, and power (SWaP)-sensitive applications, the DuraCOR 8042 combines powerful graphics and multi-core processing with ultra-reliable modular, mechanical robustness in a fanless IP67 design.

Curtiss-Wright is manufacturing the products covered by this agreement at its facilities in Dayton, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah. The products will be shipped to Tactical Air in St. Augustine, Florida.

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About Curtiss-Wright Corporation

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