Rugged 247 MBps Serial FPDP XMC Card Introduced by Curtiss-Wright

April 22, 2015
ASHBURN, Va. – April 16, 2015  Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that its Defense Solutions division has introduced a new rugged high performance, quad channel Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) XMC mezzanine card (VITA 42) that delivers sustained data rates up to 247 MBps on each of its four channels. Available in both air and conduction-cooled configurations, the new FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 Serial FPDP Data Link card provides high-speed data throughput between distributed interconnected devices. The card supports the highly specialized sFPDP (ANSI/VITA 17.1-2003) communications protocol, the industry standard for high-speed serial communication in today’s demanding sensor-to-DSP systems. 
The FibreXtreme mezzanine card off-loads the host processor, enabling data transfer without the CPU overhead and non-deterministic latencies resulting from multiple layers of complex software protocols. The FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 is backwards compatible with Curtiss-Wright’s legacy sFPDP products, such as the PCI format SL100/SL240. With its availability in today’s popular XMC mezzanine card, the new version helps mitigate product obsolescence and simplifies technology upgrades. This SWaP-optimized mezzanine module speeds and eases the integration of high-throughput data interfaces into deployed data streaming applications such as DSP, radar, sonar, medical imaging, and range & telemetry systems. 
"Our new conduction cooled FibreXtreme Serial FPDP card lets system designers, for the first time, harness the high data rates of sFPDP in the harshest aerospace and defense environments,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “This new rugged sFPDP solution builds on Curtiss-Wright’s two decades of experience, providing high-bandwidth data streaming solutions to the aerospace, defense and commercial markets.”
With the support of low-latency 2.5 GBps transmission rates between interconnected subsystems (1 GBps on the SL100 and 2.5 GBps on the SL240) the FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 card enables the sensor data capture point and the data processor to be separated by as much as 50 kilometers, far extending the range of standard FPDP interconnects (which limit an ADC and DSP to a 1 meter cable length). The data link card’s on-board DMA engine is optimized for maximum data throughput without processor intervention. 
Software Support
Software support for the FibreXtreme SL100/SL240 includes drivers for Windows®, Linux® and VxWorks operating environments.
Sales inquiries: Please forward all Sales and reader service inquiries to Kavita Williams, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, Tel: (661) 705-1142; Fax: (661) 705-1206; email: [email protected].

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