Oct. 5, 2015

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the release of the DNR-6-1G 6-slot, portable, Ethernet I/O chassis. Developed in response to customer requests for a smaller version of the popular DNR-12-1G RACKtangle™ 12-slot front-access 3U chassis, the DNR-6-1G offers all the features of  the 12-slot model in a half-rack-width configuration.

As the DNR-6-1G is electrically compatible with the “Cube” form factors, all of the I/O boards available in the cube form factor are also available for the DNR-6-1G . With over 30 I/O modules available, there will be a configuration ideally suited for almost any application requirement. The HalfRACK’s 6 I/O slots provide up to: 150 analog inputs, 192 analog outputs, 288 digital I/O, 48 counter or quadrature channels, 72 ARINC-429 channels and/or 24 Serial or CAN-bus ports. A full description of the DNR-6-1G product line is available at http://www.ueidaq.com/HalfRACK.

Software for the DNR-6-1G is provided in the UEIDAQ Framework. The Framework provides a comprehensive, easy to use API that supports all popular programming and operating systems such as Windows, Vista, Linux and most real-time operating systems (e.g., QNX, RTX, RT Linux). In addition, the board is fully supported by LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab, or any application that supports ActiveX, OPC or Modbus TCP control.

“The HalfRACK is a prime example of UEI’s long-time policy of listening to the voice of the customer ”, says UEI President Shaun Miller.  “When we introduced the 12-slot RACKtangle product last year, customer response was overwhelmingly positive, but we soon found that many users who wanted the performance features of the 12-slot unit really needed a package with a smaller footprint. That’s why we are now introducing the 6-slot DNR-6-1G. We always respond to what users tell us they need.”

Part #DescriptionPriceAvailability
DNR-6-1G 6-slot HalfRACK Chassis $3350 2-4 wks ARO

About UEI Founded in 1990, UEI is a leader in the PC/Ethernet data acquisition and control, Data Logger/Recorder and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) markets. UEI’s I/O “Cube” and “RACKtangle” are compact, rugged platforms, ideal for DAQ, Logging and control applications in the a wide assortment of applications and industries including automotive, aerospace/aviation, unmanned vehicles, appliance test, simulator control, in-vehicle test, wind and solar power system control, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment and more. UEI offers both COTS and customer products to OEMs, end-users and systems integrators worldwide. With analog, digital, accelerometer, LVDT/RVDT, strain gauge, counter, CAN-bus, Serial I/O, ARINC-429 I/O and more, UEI offers the world’s largest selection of Ethernet based I/O modules. UEI supports all popular Windows, Vista, Linux and Real-time operating systems, programming languages and applications packages, including LabVIEW, MATLAB and DASYLab.

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