United Electronic Industries Releases New Video Highlighting Its Capabilities For The Space Industry

March 3, 2016

United Electronic Industries (UEI) released a new video which showcases its flexible and rugged hardware and I/O offerings for the space industry. UEI offers a full suite of control, test and monitoring solutions that go anywhere and everywhere, with interchangeable chassis and I/O options for maximum design re-use.
UEI is ideal for space applications that focus on simulation, HIL/SIL test labs, engine testing, and integration and onsite assembly. And when space firms are getting ready to launch, UEI supports all aspects of launch pad control and monitoring systems including rocket and payload transport monitoring and control, fuel conditioning and propellant monitoring systems, as well as rocket vehicle release systems.
UEI hardware is built with redundancy and fail safe control integrated into the design from top to bottom.  With our long term availability guarantee, our 100% test, and proven solutions, we can ensure your mission success.
Whether launching or landing, UEI has developed solutions to help.
Watch the video here or watch all UEI videos by visiting www.ueidaq.com/videos

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Courtesy of Kontron
Courtesy of Kontron