VPT Receives Patent for V-SHIELD® Packaging Technology

June 24, 2019

VPT has earned a patent, No. US 10,321,569, titled “Electronic Module and Method of Making Same” for their V-SHIELD® packaging technology. VPT’s expert power supply innovators engineered V-SHIELD® to provide superior operation in even the harshest conditions. This invention provides electronic modules which contain encapsulated electronic circuit assemblies with integral EMI shielding provided over the entirety of the modules.

VPT’s DC-DC converters, EMI filters, and accessory power products are likely to encounter severe environments and extreme salt, air, pressure, and temperature conditions. V-SHIELD® packaging is an advanced epoxy encapsulation solution highly resistant to chemical, solvent, and salt environments. It is fully compatible with high volume manufacturing processes including wave solder, cleaning solvents, high pressure sprays, and aqueous wash processes. The packaging solution features a unique integral six-sided metalized shield to improve system EMI compatibility. It also simplifies system thermal design with dual-sided conduction cooling, coupled with reduced power dissipation.

With V-SHIELD® packaging, the DC-DC converter combines the reduced radiated emissions advantage of the metal packaging and the water/chemical resistivity of the epoxy packaging. Merging these two options provides a design with superior performance at a reasonable cost. V-SHIELD® packaging allows the converter to be used for multiple rugged applications, from military ground vehicles to commercial and military aircrafts. It can withstand harsh environments including severe vibration, shock, and temperature cycling.

The V-SHIELD® packaging technology was recognized by the judges of the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award with the highest, platinum level award in 2016. The platinum level recognizes military and aerospace electronics featuring a superb innovation, characterized by a groundbreaking approach to meeting a need, a new level of performance, efficiency and/or ease-of-use.

This patent-winning design is one of many advancements developed by VPT’s expert engineers; VPT especially congratulates Steve Butler, Director of Advanced Product Development, for his contributions to this project. The commitment to innovating new problem-solving technologies is why many leading institutions depend on VPT’s power solutions for use in mission-critical systems.

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Courtesy of Kontron
Courtesy of Kontron