VPT, Inc Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Sept. 17, 2018

BLACKSBURG, VA, September 12, 2018 – VPT, Inc., a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), celebrates its milestone 25th Anniversary this year. Throughout the last quarter century, VPT has grown to become a global leader in providing power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, space, and industrial applications, with an extensive range of award-winning DC-DC converters, EMI filters, and associated products.

VPT was founded in 1993 when CEO Dr. Dan Sable joined two other engineers – Fred Lee, former director of the Virginia Tech Center for Power Electronics, and Gary Hua to form the company. In the 25 years since it first began as a three-engineer start-up known as Virginia Power Technologies, Inc., VPT has seen significant and consistent growth in size and sales, regularly expanding product lines, as well as the 2013 addition of VPT Rad, a 5000 square-foot comprehensive radiation laboratory and test services facility.

Dr. Sable stated, “Watching VPT grow over the last 25 years from a small start-up to a global leader in the Hi-Rel DC-DC Converter Market has been incredibly exciting.  The key to our success has been the amazing group of people that make up the VPT family at our facilities in Virginia, Washington state, Massachusetts, and Taiwan.”

Acquired by HEICO Corporation in 2009, VPT currently operates as part of the HEICO Electronics Technology Group. VPT has more than 300 employees among its Blacksburg, VA headquarters, Seattle-area sales and marketing office, Boston-area radiation test facility, and a MIL-certified manufacturing facility in Taiwan. In addition, VPT offers sales representation in over 30 countries and has parts on board many of the world’s most advanced programs. VPT employs some of the most inventive engineers in the industry and as a result, holds multiple patents in power technology, as well as numerous awards and certifications.

John Hodock, President commented, “We are proud to support many of the worlds most advanced space, aerospace, and military programs.  Superior products, unequaled service, and a total commitment to quality are the defining characteristics of VPT.”

Throughout the years, VPT has earned the trust of many world-class organizations who lead in military, avionics, and space industries because of the proven reliability of VPT’s products. VPT’s products and services meet the highest industry standards and are made for demanding environments. Because of this, their products have recently been used on many ground-breaking space programs, which includes having parts on a number of reusable systems and equipment, a testament to VPT’s high reliability power conversion solutions and the longstanding and ongoing commitment to provide such solutions.

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