PIC Wire & Cable Releases USB Technical Article With New USB 3.1 Cable

April 29, 2019

PIC Wire & Cable® – A Division of The Angelus Corporation, specializing in aerospace cable, connectors and cable assemblies, released a new aircraft USB cable solutions technical article in conjunction with a new DataMATES® USB 3.1 cable.

The demand for aerospace and defense data networks continues to grow at a rapid rate and the development of new high speed data technologies is requiring faster USB transfer speeds. “The desire of installing commercial type systems aboard aircraft like entertainment systems and gaming systems is driving a need for cables that can provide higher data rates and more information,” says Mike Taubenheim, Director of Engineering Services. These trends are addressed in PIC Wire & Cable’s new aircraft USB cable solutions technical article by exploring application opportunities, clarifying USB cable standards and describing USB cable construction.

PIC Wire & Cable also released a new USB 3.1 cable to its DataMATES USB portfolio. “While the data speed bar keeps getting set higher and higher, a smaller and smaller cable footprint is required. In response to the industry’s demand, PIC has designed this new cable with size and weight reduction in mind,” says Taubenheim. PIC Wire & Cable’s USB 3.1 cables transfer 10G of data and are engineered with lightweight, flexible materials while providing robust electrical performance with low loss characteristics. Different laser markable jackets are available to meet unique application requirements, including a rugged ETFE jacket and flexible PTFE tape jacket. USB 3.1 cables are complemented with a variety of matching connectors: Type A, Type B and Micro-B. PIC Wire & Cable also offers USB cable assembly services to streamline and accelerate the installation process.

Explore PIC Wire & Cable’s USB 3.1 cable portfolio and new aircraft USB cable solutions technical article by visiting www.picwire.com/cables/data-mates.

About The Angelus Corporation

The Angelus Corporation is a global product and services provider for aerospace and defense industry solutions. The Angelus Corporation divisions include PIC Wire & Cable, specializing in aircraft cable, connectors and cable assemblies for over 45 years, and CertifyNation, offering engineering, certification, and kitting solutions, with decades of experience in the commercial aviation industry. Together, these divisions advance The Angelus Corporation’s mission to make its customers’ jobs easier.

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