Abaco Systems Announces Innovative Multiprocessor to Deliver Unprecedented Performance in Demanding, Data-Intensive Applications

May 10, 2016

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— May 4, 2016 Abaco Systems today announced the innovative  IPN252 6U rugged 6U OpenVPX Multiprocessor which combines the power of Intel® Core® i7 technology with a 640-core NVIDIA® Maxwell GPU to deliver unprecedented performance for a range of demanding, data-intensive digital signal processing applications such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), high performance airborne radar, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground moving target indicator (GTMI).

Capable of delivering up to 1.4 Teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second) of throughput from a single 6U chassis slot, the IPN252 further extends Abaco’s market leadership in high performance embedded computing (HPEC).  The IPN252 further strengthens a platform that includes the recently announced DSP282 multiprocessor, SBC627 single board computer and GBX460 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch to allow the creation of complete systems capable of responding to the most exacting embedded computing challenges.

The IPN252 benefits from the innovative combination of processor technologies from Intel and NVIDIA (including support for CUDA™ and GPUDirect®) and Abaco’s experience and expertise in innovative cooling techniques to allow for maximum no-compromise performance and robust reliability.

The IPN252 further benefits from its support for AXIS, Abaco’s leading edge Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software environment, which provides a broad range of sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools that enable faster development at lower cost, minimizing risk and time-to-deployment.

In line with Abaco’s commitment to minimize long term cost of ownership, the IPN252 is pin-compatible with its predecessors, the IPN250 and IPN251, providing a straightforward, highly cost-effective upgrade/technology insertion opportunity for existing customers.

“Feedback from our customers consistently tells us that, in order to solve the kind of embedded computing problems they’re facing that will allow them to deliver optimum solutions to the armed forces, they need as much performance as we can deliver,” said Chris Lever, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “The IPN252 is our innovative response to those needs, leveraging our close relationships with both Intel and NVIDIA to create a platform that is unmatched in the industry.”

The Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA Maxwell GPU are connected via a 16-lane PCI Express® Gen 3 switch, which also provides a 16-lane PCI Express Gen 3 port to the VPX expansion plane, and an 8-lane PCI Express Gen 3 port to a dual-channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand® NIC (network interface card). The PCI Express switch also provides a Gen 3 x8 port to an XMC site.

Multiple operating system support including Windows® and Linux® is provided.

Product: https://www.abaco.com/products/ipn252-6u-openvpx-gpgpu-multiprocessor

Datasheet: https://www.abaco.com/download/ipn252-datasheet

About Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. Spun out of General Electric in 2015, we deliver and support open modular solutions developed to upgrade and enhance the growing data, analytics, communications and sensor processing capabilities of our target applications. This, together with our 700+ professionals’ unwavering focus on our customers’ success, reduces program cost and risk, allows technology insertion with affordable readiness and enables platforms to successfully reach deployment sooner and with a lower total cost of ownership. With an active presence in a significant number of national asset platforms on land, sea and in the air, Abaco Systems is trusted where it matters most. www.abaco.com

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