Rugged GPU Leader Abaco Systems at GTC 2016 to Reinforce Partnership Commitment, Discuss NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Plans

April 5, 2016

Abaco Systems is at GTC (the NVIDIA® GPU Technology Conference: San Jose Convention Center, 4-7 April) – of which it is a Silver Sponsor - to discuss with visitors the company’s plans for NVIDIA’s new Jetson™ TX1 System-on-Module (SoM).

Abaco is widely regarded as the leader in bringing the benefits of NVIDIA’s GPU technology to rugged products designed for deployment in the harshest environments.

This is the seventh year that Abaco (formerly the embedded computing business of GE Intelligent Platforms) has been a participant at GTC, carrying over its Scaling Partner status and reaffirming its commitment to delivering industry-leading products based on NVIDIA technology.

“The Jetson TX1 offers everything our customers need in terms of high performance, low power and minimal size and weight,” said Chris Lever, VP, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “We see it both as an opportunity to add Abaco’s unique value in terms of the ruggedization necessary for it to be deployed in the harshest environments, and as an opportunity to create innovative, added value solutions that will provide our customers with the reduced risk, reduced cost and reduced time-to-deployment that are essential to their business.”

“We believe that the characteristics of our planned products will make them attractive not only to the military/aerospace market, but also to commercial markets – such as energy exploration, transportation and heavy industry – where deployments are no less challenging,” continued Lever.

In 2014, Abaco Systems was named by NVIDIA as its preferred provider of NVIDIA’s Tegra® K1 mobile processor to serve applications in harsh environments. Abaco subsequently introduced the mCOM10-K1 COM Express module capable of delivering up to 326 GFLOPS of performance, and which has now been widely deployed by customers. Products based on the Jetson TX1 SoM are expected to deliver more than 3x the mCOM10-K1’s level of performance.

The new Jetson TX1 SoM is ideal not only for performance-hungry graphics applications, but also for applications that lend themselves to general purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) which leverage the massively parallel, multicore NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture. In demanding military applications such as radar, sonar and signals intelligence, GPGPU has been demonstrated to deliver up to 100x performance improvement when compared with traditional computing approaches.

Abaco is also talking to GTC visitors about its extensive and continuing commitment to NVIDIA technology, as witnessed by the recently-announced GRA113, a rugged 3U VPX graphics board that brings NVIDIA’s Maxwell graphics processing power to the demanding military and aerospace market. With 640 processing cores, single- and double-precision floating point units, it offers significantly increased performance/watt than its predecessor, allowing for substantial reduction in SWaP (size, weight and power).

About Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. Spun out of General Electric in 2015, we deliver and support open modular solutions developed to upgrade and enhance the growing data, analytics, communications and sensor processing capabilities of our target applications. This, together with our 700+ professionals’ unwavering focus on our customers’ success, reduces program cost and risk, allows technology insertion with affordable readiness and enables platforms to successfully reach deployment sooner and with a lower total cost of ownership. With an active presence in a significant number of national asset platforms on land, sea and in the air, Abaco Systems is trusted where it matters most.

For more information, contact:

Ian McMurray

Communications Manager

Abaco Systems

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