Themis TA64 Board Level Computer

March 12, 2013
The TA64 expands the Themis 64-Bit VME64x product line with the new AMD® Turion™ 64 Processor. A TA64 system can beconfigured with either an 800MHz or 1.6GHz Processor, bringing 64-bit server levels of performance and connectivity to demanding VME64x applications. Well equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, USB, U320 SCSI, EIDE, Floppy, and PCI-X interfaces this computer brings high connectivity, VME64x, and Powerful 64-bit Processing to the VME64x market supporting all of the most popular 64-bit operating systems. I/O expansion is supported via the on-board PMC slot, and I/O expansion carrier card options support two or three additional PMC slots. Graphics capability is available with a Themis TGA-7000 PMC 2D/3D Graphics Card.