Reverse Osmosis Flow Metering-Hoffer Flow Systems used on LCS 19, USS St. Louis

Nov. 23, 2021

Hoffer Flow Controls is a supplier of turbine flow meters for use on the LCS class of US Navy ships on the reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The LCS ship is a littoral combat ship. Hoffer’s flow systems meter seawater intake on the ship. The flow meters have naval brass housing and flanges which are suitable for use on seawater. The meter internals is made of monel. Above all, these materials provide long life due to corrosive seawater.

The 1” size flow meter will be used on the LCS class ships along with Hoffer’s smart transmitter model CAT3. Furthermore, both the flow meter and the CAT3 transmitter have been tested successfully to meet shock, vibration, and EMI shipboard MIL standards. Therefore, the U.S. Navy choose Hoffer flow reverse osmosis flow metering for the LCS 19, USS St. Louis.

Flowmeter Solutions to Navy’s Worldwide for Shipboard Use

The use of Hoffer flow systems on the LCS ships continues a long history of our company providing flow meter solutions to Navy’s worldwide for shipboard use. As a result, Hoffer has supplied flow systems on Navy ships for numerous flow applications. For example, fuel flow measurement systems for the propulsion plant, missile cooling systems, trim and drain systems and flow switches for use in the fire control system.

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