Jan. 10, 2019

At PIC Wire & Cable®, our mission is to make our customers’ job easier by providing high quality, high
performance engineered electronic cables and interconnect solutions for demanding military and
aerospace applications. For over 45 years, PIC Wire & Cable has helped industry leading companies
improve their platform performance, reduce their schedules & lower their total costs through a
unique combination of quality, technology and service.
Using the latest technologies, PIC cable products are designed and manufactured to meet the
stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required for these advanced electronic
applications - EMI immunity, lightweight, low loss, high temperature, harsh environment.
Ensuring world class quality and reliability is a top priority at PIC, as evidenced by our world
class quality certifications and consistently positive customer feedback.
PIC Wire & Cable is once again advancing high speed data communication technology
with our extensive DataMATES® Ethernet line that offers tailored solutions for many
civil and military aerospace applications, including:
• Ethernet Communications Backbone
• Mobile Shelters
• Cabin Management
• In-flight Entertainment
• Avionics Networks
• High Definition Video