Jan. 10, 2019

To provide high bandwidth for data and support satellite communications, PIC Wire & Cable® is
once again advancing the market. Like all our 50 ohm RF cables, our high frequency cables feature
minimum 200°C on all materials. With over 45 years of design and manufacturing expertise our
high frequency cables reduce weight, decrease loss and improve EMI performance.
Designed specifically to serve Ku Band & X Band applications, our MicroMATES® cables feature:
inner flat braid or strip braid, high temp polyimide foil, dual braided shields and silver-plated
copper throughout—everything to make your job easier and your platform more productive.
Custom Cable Assemblies
Proper cable assembly is critical to realizing the full benefits of the cable and connector
technology. Our special tooling and specialized technicians ensure your job is done to precision.
Maximize the performance of your microwave cables with:
• Certified Test Process & Equipment
• Phase-matched Ship Sets
• Qualified Assembly Experts
• ISO 9001; AS 9100 Certification
• Complete Lot Traceability
• Improved Supply Chain Efficiency