Boeing ousts CEO, chairman, airplane division chief in fallout form safety catastrophe

March 26, 2024
Door plugs popping off in flight, critical reports from regulators on the company’s safety processes, wheels falling off of plans and other safety errors have prompted the largest U.S. plane maker to clean house, writes Robert Schoenberger for Industry Week.

ARLINGTON, Va. - Boeing is cleaning house in its executive ranks following months of safety errors that put hundreds of flyers at risk, ousting its CEO, chairman, and the head of its commercial airplane division, though the CEO plans to stay with the company through the end of the year, writes Robert Schoenberger for Industry WeekContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

26 March 2024 -Besides Boeing's current woes, the aerospace giant agreed in early 2021 to pay fines and compensation of nearly $750 million to the government and the families of those lost in Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes.

The agreement is based on the conduct of two former Boeing employees and their intentional failure to inform the FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG), the group within the FAA responsible for making pilot training determinations, about changes to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). As a result of this conduct, the agreement states that the FAA AEG was not fully informed about MCAS’s expanded operating range when it made its training determinations for the MAX. While focusing on the conduct of these two former employees, the agreement recognizes that other Boeing employees did inform other officials and organizations within the FAA about MCAS’s expanded operating range in connection with the certification of the 737 MAX.

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