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Aug. 1, 2005
I want you to stop thinking about Military & Aerospace Electronics as a monthly magazine.
John Keller, Editor in Chief
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I want you to stop thinking about Military & Aerospace Electronics as a monthly magazine.

Yes, you read that correctly.

. . . well, OK, the monthly print edition of Military & Aerospace Electronics is still here, and it’s here to stay. The only difference you’ll see for Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine in the near term is we’re getting better; that’s another story, however, and it’s beside my point.

If you’re accustomed to finding useful information from Military & Aerospace Electronics only once a month when the magazine hits your desk, then prepare yourself for something different-really different.

As of this summer, Military & Aerospace Electronics is a daily source of substantial news and information. The news is fresh in the morning, and throughout the day, tailored especially for our community-engineers, engineering managers, and program managers who need to keep themselves current on programs, contracts, opportunities, design trends, and more.

Yeah, I know. You hear claims like that all the time. Well this isn’t marketing fluff; it’s real, and please don’t just take my word for it.

Go get on the Web, surf over to, and take a look around. You’ll see a brand new digital portal for news and information of interest to our community. The Military & Aerospace Electronics Web site is redesigned in fundamental ways to make your visits fast, interesting, and-most important-worth your time.

Whether you come to the site once, twice, three times a day, or just once a week, you’re virtually certain to find fresh news and information that you haven’t seen before-on our Web site or anywhere else-on every business day.

Let’s start with the site’s redesign. Besides our steady supply of fresh new information, the Military & Aerospace Electronics Web site features expanded search functionality leading you to news, features, products, white papers, Webcasts, and the magazine’s archives.

Our new navigation-organized content makes reading and research easier than ever before. The newly expanded products section, which encompasses new products, optoelectronics products, and product applications sections, offers an ever-deepening well of product information.

As always, the Web site offers easy access to the current issue of the print magazine, as well as the magazine’s archives, with just one mouse click.

Other new sections of the Web site include white papers written by industry experts on special-interest topics of the day, as well as future Webcasts, which are interactive real-time discussions of topics of crucial importance.

Add all that to other offerings at the Web site such as a searchable product buyers guide, which gives vendors the option of updating their listings free of charge, an events calendar, and advertising information, and we have the foundation of an information source that is far more than a monthly magazine.

As excited as we are about the redesigned Web site, however, the real message here is about the news and information content that you will find on the Web site. Pertinent contracts are there in real time or the next day. Product listings are only hours or days old, not weeks old, and opportunities come up on the Web site when you can take advantage of them, not after the fact.

We do realize that a portion of the information on the Military & Aerospace Electronics Web site might be available elsewhere from a variety of sources. Although much of the Web site information is exclusive to Military & Aerospace Electronics, and uniquely generated, we still post general announcements of interest to our community.

The key words there are our community. It is our intention to make the Military & Aerospace Electronics Web site your news-ticker digest of developments pertinent to our community, as they happen.

Such an approach is all well and good for our readers who have the time to go to the Web site at least once a day. But where does that leave our other readers who don’t have that kind of time, who might be able to make it to the Web site only once or twice a week, or even less?

If you fall into the once-a-week category, it’s true that you could miss more than a few important stories and announcements. Not to worry however, because we have a way to take care of you, too.

Starting in September, Military & Aerospace Electronics will expand our electronic newsletter service to once a week, to give readers the highlights of what has taken place over the previous week, with some analysis of what those events mean for us and how they may indicate where we’re headed.

Subscribing to the e-newsletters is easy. Just go to the home page at and click on the little flag in the upper left-hand corner that says >e-Newsletters. Subscribe and you’ll be assured of receiving the week’s top developments right in your e-mail box.

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