Department of Homeland Security awards HSPD-12 task order to XTec Inc.

March 15, 2008

XTec Inc. won a Task Order One by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its HSPD-12 program. The purpose of Task Order One is to establish the DHS-wide HSPD-12 core infrastructure for the DHS enterprise. This infrastructure includes an Enterprise License for Identity and Credential Management Systems (IDMS/CMS), interfaces, and card issuance workstations to enable DHS to issue HSPD-12 compliant PIV-II cards.

The ability to deploy a proven COTS solution rapidly has contributed to XTec's continued success in the HSPD-12 marketplace. With the Department of Homeland Security, XTec was able to capitalize on the standard of excellence that they set throughout the Federal Government in achieving HSPD-12 "End-to-End" compliant programs.

XTec's AuthentX product line is a complete COTS solution enabling the immediate issuance of PIV II Credentials, and having the capability of implementing physical and logical access control by using PIV cards enabled with the NIST High Security profile.

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