Falcon Electric introduces lightweight frequency and phase converters for military applications

June 10, 2008
IRWINDALE, Calif., 10 June 2008. Falcon's power electronics offering, the frequency & phase converters for mobile military applications offer space-saving commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) converter for harsh-environment field power uses in defense applications.

IRWINDALE, Calif., 10 June 2008.Falcon Electric Inc. in Irwindale, Calif., is introducing the lightweight ED-FPC Series frequency & phase converters that provide reliable computer-grade power for sensitive equipment.

The rackmount ED-FPC Series electronic phase converter ranges from three to five kilovolt-amperes (kVA), weighs less than 80 pounds, and is a 7-inch (4U) rackmount form factor. The ED-FPC power phase converter delivers computer-grade power for aircraft, as well as to ground-based and mobile systems such as a HMMWV.

The ED-FPC frequency power converter is appropriate for powering sensitive computer-based equipment from generator sources typically incorporated into single and dual-pallet shelters, as well as tactical, hospital or laboratory shelters. The power is designed to meet the shock and vibration requirements of RTCA/DO160, Zone A and the Munson Road Test.

Falcon has designed the ED-FPC electric phase converter to meet the military's need for a lightweight, compact frequency and phase converter with flexible capabilities. It has a three-phase input that accepts a wide 45-450Hz input frequency range.

Having one-phase 120 Volts AC, 50, 60 or 400Hz output, the ED-FPC eliminates phase imbalance problems associated with powering large single-phase equipment from a three-phase generator source.

The ED-FPC also eliminates line-side voltage transients, surges, sags and frequency stability problems. It provides a low-distortion sinewave output with +/-3 percent voltage regulation. For more information contact Falcon Electric online at www.falconups.com.

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