General Dynamics wins $33 million to enhance Iraqi Abrams tank and vetronics

March 12, 2009
STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., 12 Mar. 2009. General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, won a contract worth $33 million to purchase long-lead materials for the production of 140 M1A1 SA (Situational Awareness) tanks and vetronics systems for the Iraq program.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., 12 Mar. 2009. General Dynamics Land Systems in Sterling Heights, Mich., won a $33 million materials contract to build 140 M1A1 SA (situational awareness) main battle tanks and associated vetronics for the Iraq program.

The SA enhancements to the M1A1 armored combat vehicle and tank electronics for Iraq include a second-generation FLIR thermal sight, Tank Urban Survivability (TUSK) enhancements, and a driver's vision-enhancing thermal viewer, in addition to the thermal weapon sight.

The tanks will also be equipped with the TIGER engine, the Pulse Jet System, and embedded diagnostics. The TIGER engine's monitoring system can identify and alert the crew if there are potential issues with the tank.

The 140 tanks will be manufactured in Lima, Ohio, by General Dynamics employees.

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