Objective Interface offers tools for real-time military simulation physical modeling

Dec. 5, 2007
HERNDON, Va., 5 Dec. 2007. Objective Interface Systems Inc. (OIS) in Herndon, Va., is offering the DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine real-time material physics for building military simulations.

DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine enable rapid development of highly realistic visually immersive environments containing objects that model the physical fidelity of movement. DMMfx objects respond in a lifelike manner based on their physical properties without the use of manual, prearranged results.

DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine are based on the Digital Molecular Matter technology created by Pixelux Entertainment, an industry innovator in video game realism. Applying the laws of physics in real-time means that when a user blows up a brick wall, that wall breaks apart in ways that are true to its physical properties-as opposed to manual, pre-scripted animations.

DMMfx computes this real-time simulation of physics utilizing the principles of finite element modeling, the same technology utilized by designers to model the physical properties of everything from jet aircraft to automotive engines.

DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine feature physical fidelity via a real-time simulation engine based on finite element modeling; improved design time-saving days, weeks and months of development time for every object with which users will interact; support for standard Windows hardware and software; and easy integration with existing simulation engines.

For more information contact OIS online at www.ois.com.

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