Sidus selects Aitech for rad-hard flight computers and data handling for multi-mission LizzieSat

May 20, 2024
This space-rated system developed by Aitech includes two S-A1760, a radiation-characterized AI GPGPU, and two S-A6640, a SFF ethernet switch.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Sidus Space in Cape Canaveral, Fla. needed a system of command and data handling (C&DH) flight computers and peripherals for its LizzieSat multi-mission satellite. They found their solution from Aitech Systems in Chatsworth, Calif. 

This space-rated system developed by Aitech includes two S-A1760, a radiation-characterized AI GPGPU, and two S-A6640, a SFF ethernet switch. 

Sidus Space is a multi-faceted Space and Data-as-a-Service satellite company focused on mission-critical hardware manufacturing, multi-disciplinary engineering services, satellite design, production, launch planning, mission operations, and in-orbit support. The Sidus team completed the Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) on 14 March after establishing two-way communications with LizzieSat. The primary mission of LizzieSat involves simultaneous data collection through multiple sensors to support various industries, including agriculture, maritime, and oil and gas. These sensors and receivers include hyperspectral, multispectral, AIS, and optical. 

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“We are excited as we move on to the final phase of satellite operations with LS-1 and begin operating our customer payloads,” stated Sidus Space Chief Executive Officer, Carol Craig. “I am beyond proud of the entire Sidus team who has worked tirelessly to systematically move through the critical initial stage of operations for the first satellite in our constellation and look forward to launching additional satellites later this year.”

The combination of Aitech’s S-A6640 and S-A1760 enables a C&DH system that is adaptable to different high-speed data protocols to meet the need for rapid data conversion from one protocol to another in orbit. 
"Aitech is proud to provide rugged space system solutions to Sidus Space which are essential for the C&DH flight computers that are vital components of LizzieSat," Ralph Grundler, director of space business development for  Aitech, said,  We continuously design and manufacture affordable and reliable systems to enable space exploration across all orbits."

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Aitech’s radiation-tolerant S-A6640 is a standalone SFF ethernet switch designed and tested for NEO and LEO missions. The S-A6640 operates as the main connectivity hub for any small satellite or human-rated mission for interconnecting all electronic components on board while significantly lowering the risk of communication-related failures in orbit.

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