2024 Edge Awards

July 11, 2024
Check out this year's entries for the Edge Awards competition.

This is where you can check out all of the products and services submitted for this year's Edge Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding innovation in product design and function for the design and engineering space. EDGE Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design, who will vote for entries from each of the categories.

Stay tuned for the award voting link and new candidates being added in each category. 

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Cabling and Enclosures

Hardware meant to hold controls and electronics, as well as monitor the temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. inside the enclosure.

EXAIR’s ATEX Cabinet Cooler System Is Made for Explosive Environments

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Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Hardware and software that incorporates—or is designed to improve—product quality, supply-chain management, and production throughput.

Software Platform Supports 4D Digital Twin Environment

Chatbot Targets Scheduling, Cost Estimation, and Project Planning Chores

Arm Cortex-A SoCs Bring Power of AI to More IoT Devices

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Machine Vision and Inspection

Cameras, sensors, lenses, filters, lighting, frame grabbers, software, and systems.

Theia Technologies Launches New Lens System

Cognex In-Sight L38 Introduced

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Motion Control Components

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion-control components and systems, including actuators, cylinders, ball screws, motors and drives; accessories such as fasteners, bearings, belts, and chains; and fluids, filters, and compressed air systems.

Rockwell Automation Distributed Servo Drives Allow for Smaller Machine Designs

Festo VTUX Valve Terminal Offers Multiple Communication Options

Improved Pneumatic Control with Festo VTEP Proportional Valve Terminal

OILN2 Removes Oxygen and Moisture from Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs


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Optical Components and Systems

The focus here is on adaptive optics, optical materials (such as metamaterials), optical coatings, precision optics, micro-optics, lenses, mirrors, aspheres, prisms, and freeform optics. Also included in this category are lighting products for machine vision applications.

Tunable laser system features picosecond supercontinuum light source

Gravity compensated liquid lens EL-16-40-GTC

TS8401/02 intelligent 400G (4x100G) PAM4 modulator driver

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This category spotlights single-axis and multi-axis robots for assembly, product inspection, and supply-chain operations, as well as cobots, AGVs, and other robotic transport vehicles. Also included is software related to robotics, including fleet management, plus robot operating systems.

Bota Systems’ PixONE Through-hole Sensor is Designed for Robotics

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Production Tools and Systems

This includes creation of chips, printed circuit boards, components, and systems. The category covers mechanical and machine tool operations, welding, soldering, and adhesives focused on metal or component joining, as well as materials used to fasten and secure components.

DP50 High Pulse Energy DPSS Nanosecond Lasers

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