See More with the Orion 32” 4K Rugged Airborne Display

Dec. 19, 2019
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The Orion 32” Rugged 4K Display from ZMicro provides an unparalleled viewing experience with Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution and a full 60Hz refresh rate. The display uses modular video input cards to support a host of video input formats including DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, and HDMI. It supports Single Stream Transport (SST) for single source DisplayPort streams to provide a natural and continuous viewing experience. You can view up to five video sources simultaneously via ZMicro’s Virtual Window™ technology which allows you to control the size, position and other characteristics of each window independently. The Orion 32 is the only 4K display to provide real-time video enhancement capability including edge detection, adaptive temporal noise reduction, expanded sharpener and more.