Ruggedized QCL-IR Laser Systems for Infrared Countermeasures

Dec. 15, 2022

Leonardo DRS has developed QCL technology for both commercial and military applications. Our QCLs are comprised of commercial semiconductor technologies like those used in the microelectronics industry. As such, QCLs are very compact, millimeter-scale devices that can be easily integrated with conventional electronics and mechanical hardware, providing system designers with a wide degree of flexibility when optimizing applications. Furthermore, our QCL innovations have enabled, for the first time, DIRCM systems to be deployed on lightweight rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, providing those soldiers and personnel with the protection necessary to defeat electro-optic threats. QCL-based directed IR countermeasures can be deployed by every service whose aircraft require electro-optic survivability equipment, e.g., Army, Navy, Air Force, SOCOM, etc.