High-reliability power connectors for space-constrained uses in harsh environments introduced by Nicomatic

June 28, 2019
Capable of carrying as much as 4.8 amps of power, the high-reliability miniature connectors can withstand vibration of 15 Gs and shock of 100 Gs.

BON-EN-CHABLAIS, France – Nicomatic in Bon-en-Calais, France, is introducing the AMM series 1.0-millimeter-pitch connectors for demanding space-constrained applications in harsh environments such as military, aerospace, and industrial equipment.

The connectors come in five standard layouts with 6, 10, 20, 34, 50 contacts distributed over two rows.

Lightweight and secure, the AMM series connectors have features the integrated guidance pin for stacking. Capable of carrying as much as 4.8 amps of power, the miniature connectors can withstand vibrations of 15 Gs and shock of 100 Gs.

These devices can handle as many as 1000 mating cycles and can operate in temperatures from -65 to 200 C.

The AMM series connectors can be supplied with exactly the number of pins the application requires, says Alexis de Lassat, product manager at Nicomatic. For high reliability and ease of use, AMM connectors are sold pre-cabled.

Devices are available in surface-mount and through-hole versions with several fixing options. 2D and 3D CAD drawings are available. For more information contact Nicomatic online at www.nicomatic.com.

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