Rugged 650-Watt AC-DC power supplies with forced-air cooling for rugged applications introduced by Murata

Oct. 25, 2019
PQU650 series offers forced-air- and convection cooling, wide output voltage adjustment range, auxiliary power rails, and high transient capability.

MANSFIELD, Mass. – Murata Power Solutions in Mansfield, Mass., is introducing the PQU650 series of open-frame, 650-Watt AC-DC power supplies for rugged applications like communications, industrial, power over Ethernet, test and measurement, and broadcast.

The PQU650 series offers forced air- and convection-cooled ambient ratings, and come with a wide output voltage adjustment range, auxiliary power rails, and a high transient capability.

Features include 450-Watt convection cooling at 50 degrees Celsius with no derating with input line voltage; 650-Watt forced airflow cooling at 50 C; 800-Watt power boost for 30 seconds; and safety certification applicable to medical/audio/video/communication and ITE standards.

The power electronics device has 5-volt auxiliary standby and 12-volt fan outputs; 4-by-6-inch industry-standard footprint; and U channel form factor with industry-standard mounting footprints.

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The device has a maximum 40-millimeter overall U channel height, maximum 42.7-millimeter overall height with cover; a choice of screwed or pluggable connector variants; and efficiency of 95 percent typical at 50 percent load.

Benefits include fanless application at high power levels; small size for applications with size constraints; optional connections for a wide variety of applications; and a PSU for high power for short durations.

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