Pulse-proof SMD ceramic fuse for fail-safe applications in demanding environments introduced by Schurter

April 22, 2021
Device is for applications like motor-control systems and avionics where high inrush currents flow, and that must operate in harsh environments.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – The Schurter Inc. Electronic Components segment in Santa Rosa, Calif., is introducing the UMT-W pulse-proof surface-mount device (SMD) ceramic fuse with super time-lag tripping for fail-safe devices in demanding applications.

The compact SMD fuse measures 5.3 by 16 millimeters and is available in five rated currents from 5 to 20 amps and reaches rated voltages as high as 125 volts AC and DC with a breaking capacity as high as 1000 amps.

The UMT-W ceramic fuse is for wherever high inrush currents flow, like motor-control systems, and is suitable for applications with long wires, like avionics, which often are protected primarily by an electronic fuse.

If this monitoring fails, or does not perform its task correctly, the UMT-W takes over as a fail-safe device, and transfers the system to a safe, current-less state.

The UMT-W fuse is COTS-plus for its extended fuse qualification tests like AEC-Q200, and its controlled manufacturing processes. For higher reliability requirements Schurter offers visual inspection according to MIL-PRF 55342, different types of up-screenings, and detailed test reports on request.

For more information contact Schurter Electronic Components online at www.schurter.com.

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