50-Ohm inner DC block to reduce interference in military power electronics uses introduced by BroadWave

June 2, 2021
Inner DC block has 10-to-3000-MHz operating frequency range, maximum voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.35:1, and maximum voltage of 50 volts DC.

GREENWOOD, Ind. – BroadWave Technologies Inc. in Greenwood, Ind., is introducing the model 851-139-BLK 50-Ohm inner DC block for aerospace and defense power electronics applications.

The inner DC block has a 10-to-3000-MHz operating frequency range, and a maximum voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.35:1, maximum power voltage of 50 volts DC, and RF connectors are TNC male and SMA female.

Inner DC blocks happen by placing a capacitor of varying capacitance in-series with the center conductor. The required frequency range, voltage breakdown and desired insertion loss determines the capacitance value selected.

These power devices enable RF and microwave energy to pass through a circuit with minimal interference while preventing DC to pass through the circuit. Solutions in 50- and 75-Ohm impedances with a variety of RF connector combinations are standard.

Custom impedances are available upon request. For more information contact BroadWave Technologies online at www.broadwavetechnologies.com.

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