Power protection integrated circuits for wearable computers, portable electronics introduced by Littlefuse

April 10, 2023
Features include reverse current blocking, under voltage lockout, soft start, and overtemperature protection with real-time diagnostics.

CHICAGO – Littelfuse Inc. in Chicago is introducing four eFuse circuit protection integrated circuits (ICs) for portable electronics; wearable computers; smart phones; solid-state drives; switch routers; servers; telecommunications; power tools; and smart buildings.

The eFuse protection ICs are for power inputs ranging from 3.3 to 28 volts, and provide overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and inrush current protection.

Additional features include reverse current blocking, under voltage lockout (UVLO), soft start, and overtemperature protection with real-time diagnostics -- all in one compact chip.

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The eFuse protection ICs provide fast response time, accurate current limiting, integrated protection, control, and sensing; adjustable overvoltage threshold, current limiting, and inrush current, and reverse current blocking; and increased battery life.

The eFuse protection ICs come in the LS0504EDD12 5-volt 4-amp low Ron power distribution load switch DFN1.2x1.6 package; the LS12052BD33 18-volt 5-amp, overvoltage and blocking FET control DFN2x2 package; the LS2405IDD23 24-volt 5-amp low forward voltage diode low-profile 8-lead DFN 2x3 package; and the LS24062RQ23 28-volt 6-amp bidirectional dual-port independent current limit setting 16-lead QFN 2.5x3.2 package.

The eFuse protection ICs are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 3,000 (LS2405IDD23, LS0504EDD12) or 5,000 (LS12052BD33, LS24062RQ23). For more information contact Littlefuse online at www.littelfuse.com.

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