Avalanche photodiode preamplifier modules for laser devices that operate at long distances offered by CMC

June 28, 2023
These avalanche photodiode receivers offer ultra-low light signals to improve laser applications and offer a high signal-to-noise ratio.

MONTREAL – CMC Electronics in Montreal is introducing a series of high-response 1064-nanometer silicon avalanche photodiode preamplifier modules for laser rangefinders, as well as airborne and atmospheric light direction and ranging (lidar) applications.

These avalanche photodiode receivers offer ultra-low light signals to improve laser applications, offer a high signal-to-noise ratio and can provide accurate and consistent readings under challenging conditions.

Both receivers can detect long distances quickly, accurately, and consistently, and provide fast overload recovery that minimizes receiver damage and usage interruption from high laser burst.

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The ROHS-compliant avalanche photodiode receiver module provides a minimum of 1000 kilovolt amperes per Watt responsivity. Its optoelectronics provides nanosecond recovery from laser bursts without damage to enable the receiver to detect low optical signal powers in femtowatt range at high temperatures.

The compact design further minimizes parasitic noise, and can detect wavelengths at 1064 nanometers. This high-sensitivity receivers have two options: with or without built-in thermoelectric cooler for ease of operation and control.

This avalanche photodiode receiver is customizable to the customer's needs. For more information contact CMC Electronics online at https://cmcelectronics.ca.

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