Spring-loaded pins with broad misalignment tolerance for specialized connection uses introduced by Mill-Max

July 25, 2023
Pointed-tip plungers are for probing or contacting holes or via holes on printed circuit boards for use in a variety of hole sizes.

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. – Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. Inc. in Oyster Bay, N.Y., is introducing spring-loaded pins either with pointed or flat-tip plungers for testing and other specialized connection requirements.

The pointed tip plunger often is used with spring-loaded pins in test environments. The point design concentrates the force, creating greater pressure to penetrate oxides or other contaminants on the surface of the test unit, thereby providing a high-quality, low resistance connection.

Another use for pointed-tip plungers is for probing or contacting holes or via holes on printed circuit boards. The point provides a more suitable fit than a radius and can be used in a variety of hole sizes. Flat tip plungers provide greater surface area at the point of connection, distributing the electrical charge and delivering more efficient heat dissipation.

An example use would be to reduce the likelihood of arcing in systems that experience power spikes for a short duration, or to decrease the total amount of heat generated in a circuit.

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Other advantages involve broad misalignment tolerance with mating surfaces, and their applications where the spring pin tip makes contact with round component leads. The flat and pointed tip pins are available in surface-mount and thru-hole terminations with six unique initial heights and two options for stroke.

These pins are made with precision machined components and beryllium copper springs, all gold plated to ensure high conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. They meet all the electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications of their equivalent full radius style pins.

For more information contact Mill-Max online at www.mill-max.com.

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