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Dec. 1, 2004

Power electronics

Overload-protected plastic relays for military and aerospace

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Officials at Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., are offering two plastic six-pin dual inline package solid-state relays for military, aerospace, and commercial applications. The relays, called the ZD20CF and the ZD24CC, offer extended operating temperature range, overload protection, and screening options. The ZD20CF is a 2-amp, 60-volt DC relay, while the ZD24CC is a 500-milliamp, 80-volt DC relay. Overload protection detects a short in the circuit and trips the relay off. For more information contact Teledyne Relays online at

Board Products

Remote solid-state power-controller board

Data Device Corp. (DDC) in Bohemia, N.Y., is offering the remote solid-state power-controller (RPC) boards that enable military ground vehicles, commercial aircraft, and military aircraft to protect wiring from overloading. These boards, which are sometimes called solid-state power-controller modules, combine several channels on one board, and use surface-mount technology to accommodate as many as 16 channels with a total current rating of 160 amps per board. The RPC board technology uses a digital signal processor to provide on-board intelligence and control enable, disable, or reset each channel independently. The RPC boards, which are designed to withstand rugged military environments such as humidity, vibration, EMI, and temperature, are conformally coated to provide moisture resistance and are EMI tolerant. The mechanical design complies with standard ground vehicle and aircraft environmental requirements. The standard operating temperature range is -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. For more information contact DDC online at

Solder products

Electrically conductive adhesive solders

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Devcon in Danvers, Mass., is offering Syon electrically conductive adhesive solders to form conductive paths in applications where hot soldering would be ineffective or impractical. The Syon solders are epoxy and spoxide formulations that cure with minimal air entrapment, company officials say. The Syon Tru-Bond 206A solder is a pourable liquid for bonding electrical components that hot solder could damage, or for uses where hot solder would not bond well. Tru-Bond 214 is a silver-filed non-sagging epoxy paste for ­applications where a conductive bond is necessary, but where hot solder is impractical. For more information contact Devcon online at


Industrial detent-action switches

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Electroswitch Corp. in Weymouth, Mass., is offering rugged detent-action rotary switches that can ­handle industrial applications with stringent requirements, company officials say. Available with continuous ratings ranging from 5 to 30 amps at 600 volts, the switches provide as many as 16 positions and as many as 75 poles. All models have enclosed decks and silver-plated, blade-type, ­double-side, ­double-wiping contacts for low-resistance shockproof contacting. The switches come in five models: Series 28, 5 amps at 600 volts; Series 25, 10 amps at 600 volts; Series 31, 15 amps at 600 volts; and Series 24, 30 amps at 600 volts. For more information contact Electroswitch online at

Navigation equipment

GPS software with RTK Extend and Solid Earth Tide corrections

NavCom Technology in Torrance, Calif., is offering version 3.0 Global Positioning System software with RTK Extend to overcome communications dropouts, and SureNav to ensure optimal navigation mode selection for positioning accuracy. The software also has Solid Earth Tide corrections to provide accurate height measurements. RTK Extend helps eliminate dropouts from hills, trees, and buildings. For more ­information contact NavCom online at

Chassis and enclosures

Sheet-metal cases for rack-mount applications

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Buckeye Enclosures in Columbus, Ohio, is offering a line of sheet metal cases as an economical solution for rack-mount applications. The Buckeye SM Series Cases are 0.62-inch aluminum with alodine finish and have 19-inch-wide front panels of 0.125-inch etched and anodized aluminum. Models are available without vents or side-panel chassis-mounting holes, or with top and bottom vents and side-panel chassis-mounting holes. The cases come in heights of 3.5, 5.25, 7, and 8.75 inches, and depths of 10, 13, 16, and 20 inches. For more ­information contact Buckeye Enclosures online at

RF and microwave

Rugged low-noise amplifiers for GPS applications

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Spectrum SEI Microwave in Delmar, Del., is offering a redesigned series of filtered low-noise amplifiers with rugged housing that provides shielding and ­resists corrosion. These devices offer a typical noise figure of 1.5 decibels and are for L1 and L1/L2 Global Positioning System (GPS) applications that ­require precision and high reliability. The amplifier comes in a machined aluminum chassis with nickel plate. The L1 and L1/L2 series of amplifiers have three-pole ceramic filters that selected only desired GPS signals, and reject undesired signals by at least 40 decibels at 1050, 1410, and 1710 MHz. For more information contact Spectrum SEI Microwave online at

X2 multiplier for 100 to 250 MHz input

Trak Microwave in Tampa, Fla., is ­offering an X2 multiplier for 100- to 250-MHz input and 200 to 500 MHz output frequencies called the model number MUL063 for various military environ­ments. The device has ultra low residual phase noise, a +22-dBm nominal input drive level, hermetically sealed packaging, and measures 0.48 × 0.51 inches square. For more information contact Trak Microwave online at

Machine control

DIN rail-mount universal signal conditioner

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Axiomatic Technologies Corp. in Mississauga, Ontario, is offering a DIN rail-mount universal signal converter with three-way isolation for industrial automation and machine control panels. The device translates one control signal into one to three simultaneous output signals - current, voltage, and/or pulse width modulation. Three-way isolation helps eliminate ground loops that cause signal errors. For more information contact Axiomatic Technologies online at


Custom battery packs that lock in place and are watertight

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Aved Electronics Inc. in Lowell, Mass., is offering custom-designed battery packs with positive locking mechanism for proper insertion, and watertight construction for clinical environments. the battery packs with snap-in locking provide consistent high-voltage output between 10.6- and 12-volts DC, stable charge retention for as long as 30 days, and typically recharge in one hour. The batteries are available in lithium, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCad, Alkaline, and lead-acid chemistries. For more ­information contact Aved Electronics online at

Communications equipment

Mezzanine card with fast serial communications

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MEN Micro Inc. in Carrollton, Texas, are offering an M-Module mezzanine card for fast serial communications ports in industrial systems. The two on-board channels, which users can configure as full-duplex RS422, or as half-duplex RS485 interfaces, can operate as fast as two megabits per second in synchro­nous or asynchronous modes. The M75 of the M75 card are optically isolated from each other and from the system. When configured as part of a VME or CompactPCI system, the card also can support other types of physical interfaces, such as RS232 or TTL. For more information contact MEN Micro online at

Test and measurement

RF center probe test socket

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Aries Electronics in Frenchtown, N.J., is offering a high-frequency test socket for devices measuring from 28 to 55 square millimeters. The socket is for manual testing of devices with pitches as small as 0.5 millimeters, and in applications with speeds from 1 GHz to more than 10 GHz. the socket provides minimal signal loss for high-bandwidth capability via a signal path of 1.95 millimeters, company officials say. The four-point spring probe crown on the new socket ensures “scrub” on solder ball oxides for reliable contact mating, and the pointed probe works with LGAs, MLFs, and other socket types. for more information contact Aries Electronics online at

Integrated circuits

PLL-based clock generators for satellite applications

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Aeroflex Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colo., is offering the RadClock family of PLL-based clock generators designed for satellite applications. The first products are the UT7R995 RadHard Clock ­Generator with eight-outputs and a UT7R9951 RadHard Clock Generator offering dual-outputs. The RadClock is a space-qualified device that solves the clock tree design problem with one chip, company officials say. The UT7R995 low-voltage, quad-bank, eight-output, 6- to 200-MHz clock generator has output phase programmability for optimal timing control microprocessor and communication systems, while the UT7R9951 derivative is a low-voltage, single-bank, dual-output, 6- to 200-MHz clock generator. RadClock products withstand total ionizing dose ­irradiation from 100 kilorads to 1‑mega­rad. Package options include a 48-lead ceramic flatpack and a 49-pin ceramic CGA. For more information contact Aeroflex online at

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