Boeing's James Robles to speak on thermal management at Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum

Jan. 24, 2008
SAN DIEGO 24 Jan. 2008. James Robles, senior technical fellow at Boeing, will speak during the Thermal and Power Management session at 2:30 pm on the second day – March 12 – of the Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum at the San Diego Convention Center.

SAN DIEGO 24 Jan. 2008. James Robles, senior technical fellow at Boeing, will speak during the Thermal and Power Management session at 2:30 pm on the second day – March 12 – of the Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum at the San Diego Convention Center.

Robles' presentation is titled "Thermal Management Challenges and Solutions — A Boeing Perspective."

The aerospace thermal management challenge is driven by the user's inexhaustible demand for greater processing capability for Image Exploitation (IE) applications, such as Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and Moving Target Engagement (MTE), and for high data rate communications both on aircraft and spacecraft. This presentation will address trends in this area as well as selected potential solutions.

The Power and Thermal Management session is moderated and chaired by John Keller, member of the conference advisory board and editor-in-chief of Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine.

The session begins at 1:30 pm with a talk from W. Novis Smith, vice president of technology for LithChem International on "Innovative Power Solutions for the War Fighter."

This presentation will describe DOD initiatives such as improving the energy density (capacity/life time/weight), and power density (range/weight/lifetime) of new battery solutions and enhancements.

Bob Staub, Business Unit Manager for SelfCHARGE Products at Micro Power Electronics and Jeffrey VanZwol, Marketing Manager at Micro Power Electronics, Inc. will follow Smith at 2 pm with a presentation titled "Update on High Power Batteries and Chargers."

They will provide an industry update and profile new high-power (or high-pulse) rechargeable lithium batteries for military applications. This session will detail cell configurations, chemical formulations, electrical performance, safety issues, limitations and sample performance data generated in Micro Power's test facility. This session will highlight enhancements required for portable military devices to accommodate the high current produced by these batteries. In addition, session will cover considerations and design guidelines for charging electronics to charge these high power batteries.

Following Robles at 3:30 on will be Marc Couture, Manager, systems application engineering at Mercury Computer Systems. He will speak on "Meeting Thermal Demands of Today's Commercial Processors."

Current and future generation processors create escalating thermal demands on military designers. They are tasked with integrating multiple processors, generating excessive heat into systems that have temperature limits of no more than 70 degrees Celsius. Part of the solution must be using newer chip level components designed specifically for thermal efficiency. This presentation will examine a successful example of creative thermal management in a mission-critical military application with new processors from IBM and others.

The last speaker of the session is Gerald C. Janicki, director of business development at Meggitt Defense Systems Inc. He will be speaking on "Liquid Cooling Solutions."

Military applications are demanding higher and higher computer bandwidth/hardware density. Unique thermal solutions are called for aside from traditional methods such as conduction or convection cooling. This presentation will examine the benefits and challenges of implementing liquid cooling as a thermal solution in military electronics systems.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3, Space, and Spectrum, Dr. Ronald Jost, will give the keynote address. Dr. Jost, who serves in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration, will be discussing "the Global Information Grid (GIG) and Network Architectures," a presentation describing the GIG and the importance of network architectures in addressing major portfolio issues.

The forum theme is under the COTS Umbrella and content will touch on how innovation in COTS electronics affects defense applications today especially for urgent warfighter needs such as counter- IED (improvised explosive device) technology. These programs put immense pressure on suppliers and integrators to get technology deployed as fast as possible, creating new challenges when it comes to integrating COTS technology.

DOD and industry leaders will discuss how to meet these challenges and more throughout the conference program.

Other session topics include: COTS integration and use, COTS lessons learned from Iraq, IPv6, and its affect on military systems, ITAR and other export issues; information assurance, software security standards, and software defined radio technology within the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program .

The Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum is brought to you by Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine and targets innovation in electronics solutions for defense applications. Presentations are geared specifically for program managers, engineering managers, and engineers at first- second- and third-tier defense contractors who need to understand the programs, opportunities, and latest innovations in defense electronics.

The event, formerly called the Military Technologies Conference, was renamed to better align it with the magazine and to provide readers a live forum to discuss the technological issues and applications covered in the publication. The forum moved to San Diego because Southern California is where many of the magazine's readers are located.

The content will reflect the hottest topics from Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine such as network-centric communications, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) procurement issues, software defined radio technology, and power management.

In addition to the conference, there will be an exhibition that is a collaborative environment conducive to productive discussions, exchanging ideas, meeting new business partners, and reconnecting with current customers.

For more information on registering for the event please visit the forum website at To find out more about exhibiting or sponsoring the Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum, contact Jeff Gallagher at 603.891.9147 or email [email protected].

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