RF and microwave positive slope equalizers for test and measurement and communications offered by Fairview

Feb. 18, 2021
These slope equalizers compensate for gain variation and optimize performance in systems where excessive low-end frequency losses may occur.

ALLEN, Texas – Fairview Microwave Inc. in Allen, Texas, is introducing a line of positive slope equalizers for aerospace and defense applications, military communications, satellite communications, wireless infrastructure, and test and measurement.

These slope equalizers are for compensating for gain variation and optimizing performance in systems where excessive losses may occur at the low end of the frequency band. They exhibit a fixed attenuation response that increases linearly over broadband frequencies.

These RF and microwave devices come in 18 models that cover octave and broadband frequencies from 500 MHz to 40 GHz. These 50 ohm designs have fixed equalizing values that range from 2 to 8 decibels, feature low insertion loss levels of 1 to 3 decibels, and have high continuous input power handling to 30 decibel milliwatts.

For more information contact Fairview Microwave online at www.fairviewmicrowave.com.

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