RF detectors that convert RF input signals to DC output signals introduced by BroadWave Technologies

July 20, 2023
50 Ohm RF detectors operate from 1 to 3000 MHz, with input power of 100 milliwatts, VSWR of 1.40:1 maximum, and flatness is ± 0.5 decibels maximum.

GREENWOOD, Ind. – BroadWave Technologies Inc. in Greenwood, Ind., is introducing the model series 852-246-XXX* RF detectors to convert an RF input signal to a DC output signal.

Model series 852-246-XXX* are 50 Ohm RF detectors that operate from 1 to 3000 MHz. Input power is 100 milliwatts maximum, the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is 1.40:1 maximum and flatness is ± 0.5 decibels maximum.

The RF input connector is N male while the DC output connector is BNC female. These units are available in positive or negative output DC polarity and the operating temperature range is -55 100 degrees Celsius.

Other connector types and 75 Ohm RF detectors also are available. For more information contact BroadWave Technologies online at www.broadwavetechnologies.com.

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