Long-range antenna array for mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) in unmanned applications introduced by Silvus

Feb. 12, 2024
StreamCaster TRINITY uses the MN-MIMO waveform that creates a self-forming mesh network to connect hundreds of nodes at ranges farther than 30 miles.

LOS ANGELES – Silvus Technologies Inc. in Los Angeles is introducing the StreamCaster TRINITY MIMO transceiver array for mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) radios in military, law-enforcement, and public-safety applications.

The StreamCaster delivers high-bandwidth, long-range communications in challenging environment, and combines the performance of dual-band (S/C) StreamCaster MANET radios with a high-gain antenna array that delivers 360 degrees of coverage for air and ground applications.

StreamCaster TRINITY uses the Silvus MN-MIMO waveform that creates a self-forming, adaptive mesh network that can connect hundreds of nodes at ranges farther than 30 miles.

StreamCaster TRINITY enables users to create a rapidly deployable high-performance mesh network for mobile, remote, or fixed site operations. StreamCaster's trilobe design enables each of TRINITY's three high-gain 12 dBi sector antennas to provide 120 degrees of coverage.

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Together, they can be used to achieve 360 degrees coverage or work separately to support individual networks connecting manned and unmanned air vehicles, ground assets and personnel.

Onboard, three integrated Silvus SC4400E MANET radios provide as much as 20 Watts output power, and as much as 100 megabits per second of data throughput to support high-bandwidth video, voice, and data communications.

For more information contact Silvus Technologies online at https://silvustechnologies.com.

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