Pentek introduces two rugged software radio PMC modules

July 29, 2008
UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J., 29 July 2008. Pentek Inc. is introducing two rugged software-defined radio (SDR) circuit boards with GateFlow field-programmable gate array (FPGA) intellectual property (IP) cores. The model 7141 also has a dual-channel 125 MHz 14-bit analog-to-digital (A-D) and 500 MHz 16-bit digital-to-analog (D-A) transceiver. The IP cores are pre-installed by Pentek.

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J., 29 July 2008.Pentek Inc. is introducing two rugged software radio modules with GateFlow FPGA IP cores. The model 7141 also has a dual-channel 125 MHz 14-bit A-D and 500 MHz 16-bit D-A transceiver. The IP cores are pre-installed by Pentek.

The 7141-420 extends the bandwidth range of both the digital upconverters (DUCs) and digital downconverters (DDCs) from narrow to wide. The range of the DUC has been extended from 2 to 32,768 versus 2 to 16 without the core. As a result, the 7141-420 can handle signals from 40 MHz down to 2.44 kHz, nicely matching the range of the receive-signal bandwidths.

The 7141-420 is for general-purpose transceiver functions like military radio and signals intelligence transceivers. The 7141-420 also is for acquiring, processing and recording radar signals in applications such as linear and 2D phased-array beamforming.

Because the transmit side is capable of developing analog output signals in the same bandwidth range, the 7141-420 also serves as a flexible radar-signal generator for radar system testing, countermeasures and frequency jamming.

The 7141-430 core provides relatively narrowband channels for small high-density receivers. Two 7141-430 modules support 512 receive channels in one 6U VME or cPCI slot.

Each module digitizes a 60 MHz bandwidth using either of the two 125 MHz A-Ds. The DDC core supports independent tuning of each channel across that bandwidth for downconversion of up to 256 different frequencies. Each signal is translated to baseband and then lowpass filtered and decimated to a user selectable bandwidth. The decimation is programmable from 1024 to 9984, covering many popular communication standards.

The 7141-430 is for applications such as commercial and military wireless systems with a large number of frequency-division multiplexed channels. It is for the receive side of communication base stations and for signal-intelligence surveillance, where the objective is to capture, process and review data in a particular military or commercial frequency band.

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