Electro-optical sensors for multispectral aerial reconnaissance with deep-learning introduced by Elbit

Combination of multispectral sensing, stabilization, and auto image enhancement extends coverage in daylight, nighttime, and adverse-weather conditions.

Elbit 17 June 2019

By Mil & Aero staff

HAIFA, Israel – Elbit Systems Ltd. in Haifa, Israel, is introducing the launches CONDOR MS long range oblique photography (LOROP) system that introduces multispectral sensing capability and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics to stand-off strategic intelligence gathering missions.

CONDOR MS integrates three high-resolution electro-optical sensors into the company’s CONDOR2 aerial reconnaissance system: visible and near-infrared (VNIR), mediumwave infrared (MWIR), and shortwave infrared (SWIR).

The combination of multispectral sensing, stabilization, and auto image enhancement enables extended coverage area in day, night, and adverse weather conditions thereby improving the strategic reconnaissance output while increasing the survivability of the platforms.

Deep-learning algorithms and precise geolocation enable the CONDOR MS to identify a large number of targets at extremely high rates, hence significantly shortening the time frame needed to close sensor-to-shooter loops in aerial reconnaissance.

For more information contact Elbit online at https://elbitsystems.com.

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