Navy Flight III Burke-class destroyers expected to have laser weapons, all-new radar, and perhaps railguns

Sept. 12, 2019
Flight III Burke-Class destroyers, to enter service in the 2020s, will have advanced sensors, weapons, ship-defenses, and radar technologies.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy has nearly finished design work on a fleet of high-tech ,newly engineered guided missile destroyers intended to accommodate emerging weapons such as laser weapons, railguns, and advanced radar able to detect attacking anti-ship cruise missiles from more than twice the distance. Kris Osborn at The National Interest reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

12 Sept. 2019 -- Navy Flight III Arleigh Burke-Class destroyers, which are to enter service in the 2020s, are engineered with advanced sensors, weapons, ship-defenses, and radar technologies to keep pace with emerging threats.

A new, super-sensitive radar emerges as a distinguishing characteristic of Flight III destroyers, representing a technological advance beyond an existing fleet of DDG 51 Flight IIA destroyers.

The Navy has placed its first three unit orders for a Raytheon-built AN/SPY-6(V) radar, a system reported by developers to be 35-times more powerful than existing ship-based radar systems; the technology is widely regarded as being able to detect objects twice as far away at one-half the size of current tracking radar.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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