Radar simulator for open-air, anechoic chamber, and laboratory production testing introduced by Mercury

March 25, 2021
ARES is open-architecture and configurable with hardware and software options to model radar targets, jamming threats, and atmospheric effects.

ANDOVER, Mass. – Mercury Systems Inc. in Andover, Mass., is introducing the ARES3100 Advanced Radar Environment Simulator (ARES) for testing demanding radar applications ranging from anechoic chamber and open-air range (OAR) to laboratory production testing and radar performance evaluation.

ARES includes a high-performance open-architecture configurable with hardware and software options to provide the ability to model several targets, jamming threats, and atmospheric effects.

The graphical user interface offers an out-of-the-box experience with minimal system setup. The ARES3100 includes a library of waveforms to simulate real-world environments to replicate field testing within a safe controlled environment.

"New radar technologies, such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, as well as increased agility and a wide spectral range -- coupled with the introduction of cognitive electronic warfare (EW) jamming techniques -- have dramatically increased the complexity of radar testing," says Mark Bruington, vice president and general manager of Mercury Spectrum Systems.

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"Traditionally, these systems are tested on the range during flight tests, which can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. Security risks can also arise with open-air range testing, as the locations are generally not as secure as controlled laboratory locations.

"With Mercury's radar environment simulator solutions, radar systems can be tested, validated and optimized in the safety and security of the lab, saving our customers money and time. Customers get more accurate results faster, which lowers cost and ensures aircrew safety," Bruington says.

For more information contact Mercury Systems online at www.mrcy.com.

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