Russian submarines improve capabilities with next-generation torpedoes with enhanced target detection

July 8, 2021
The Fizik-2 torpedo can fire from submarines and surface vessels, and can be controlled from inside the submarine; it is not a fire-and-forget weapon.

MOSCOW – Torpedo technology vastly improved in the Cold War, and while Russia has a range of torpedoes in its arsenal many are best considered old and obsolete. However, Moscow has steadily upped its game with better and more advanced torpedoes in recent years. Business Insider reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

8 July 2021 -- In 2017 Russia introduced the Futlyar (Fizik-2) deep-water homing torpedo that is wire-guided and combustion-driven. It has a top speed of over 60 knots and a maximum depth capability of more than 500 meters. It has been employed on the new Borei- and Yasen-class nuclear submarines.

But the Futlyar isn't the only new torpedo that Moscow has focused on in recent years. Russia has also developed so-called "combat turtles," which were designed to fool enemy sensors into thinking they are fish. The mini-torpedoes are noiseless, leave no wake and while slow moving could be devastating to enemy vessels.

All of the Russian Navy's torpedoes could soon be even more deadly as the Tecmash Group — part of the Technodinamika conglomerate within the state-owned tech conglomerate Rostec — announced that it has developed torpedo homing technology that could greatly boost the target detection range as well as the kill accuracy of the weapons. The homing technology recently passed qualifications, Tass reported.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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