Raytheon chooses FPGA-equipped fiber-optic gyros (FOGs) from EMCORE for airborne targeting applications

Aug. 19, 2021
Raytheon has awarded a $4.1 million supplement to a fiber-optic gyroscope contract to EMCORE to supply FOG modules for airborne optical targeting.

ARLINGTON, Va. – Fire control experts at Raytheon Technologies Corp. needed fiber-optic gyros for use in airborne targeting systems. They found their solution from EMCORE Corp. in Alhambra, Calif.

Officials of the Raytheon Intelligence & Space segment in Arlington, Va., have awarded a $4.1 million supplement to a long-term fiber-optic gyroscope contract to EMCORE to supply high-performance FOG modules for use in airborne optical targeting systems. EMCORE manufactures fiber-optic gyros (FOGs) that include the company's EG-120, EG-200, and EG-1300.

The EMCORE Hawkeye series EG-120 FOG module is an ultra-compact closed-loop system with field programmable gate array (FPGA) electronics that deliver increased performance and reliability combined with low cost.

It is for medium accuracy platform stabilization applications such as camera systems used in aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and gun stabilization systems, and supports a variety of other guidance, navigation, and aeronautics applications.

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EMCORE’s EG-200 Fiber Optic Gyro features EMCORE-Hawkeye integrated optics and electronics, and has suitable weight and form-factor for tactical applications. It incorporates integrated FPGA electronics to improve optical drift stability, environmental flexibility, and linearity compared to competing technologies.

The EG-200 can be calibrated internally for better thermal effect and has digital and analog outputs to accommodate tactical applications like UAV and missile guidance, aeronautics and aviation, and robotics.

The EMCORE-Hawkeye EG-1300 FOG offers advanced integrated optics and closed-loop FPGA for accuracy, efficiency, and low noise. it can be calibrated internally for better thermal effect, has digital and analog outputs, and separation of the electronics from the FOG’s sensing coil.

EMCORE has delivered more than 1,200 units of its custom-designed, closed-loop FOGs to Raytheon, and company officials say they expect to deliver the additional units for this add-on contract through February 2022.

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In 2018, EMCORE was awarded a long-term $18 million contract by Raytheon for custom single-axis tethered FOGs with separate electronics and sensor modules that accommodate a wide variety of installation parameters.

The performance specifications of these FOGs are for platform stabilization in camera systems used for optical targeting in aircraft, UAVs, and gun systems.

For more information contact EMCORE Corp. online at www.emcore.com, or Raytheon Intelligence & Space at www.raytheonintelligenceandspace.com.

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