Russia may have underestimated the need for powerful military technology in invasion of Ukraine; more expected

March 1, 2022
The strategy is fundamentally flawed, since technology becomes a moot point when fighting in an urban environment, as evident in the war on terror.

WASHINGTON – Last week, many political and military experts predicted that the Russians would be successful in their invasion of Ukraine. However, the war is clearly not going as the Kremlin planned. Forbes reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

1 March 2022 -- Their gains have been small, and they have been met with fierce resistance. As the conflict continues, they are also losing on the world stage. Although initial reports from the war are filled with disinformation and propaganda, it appears that the culprit for the Russian failure is their military technology.

At the culmination of the war, Russia assembled a force of approximately 200,000 troops along the Ukrainian border. This force may seem formidable, but by most military doctrine, it was somewhat small. The Ukrainian military has approximately 360,000 troops. Doctrine holds that an offensive operation should have a 3-to-1 advantage in manpower, which would require the Russians to have a much larger force.

The United States and its coalition partners overcame a similar manpower deficiency in the invasion of Iraq through their use of technology overmatch. Technology overmatch, especially air power, allows a small military force to achieve the combat power of a much larger force. Presumably, the Russian military had planned something similar.

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John Keller, chief editor
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