Navy approaches industry about installing hypersonic weapons aboard surface warships and attack submarines

May 12, 2022
Navy wants an ability to strike targets hundreds and even thousands of miles away with hypersonic munitions in a matter of minutes.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Navy surface warship and submarine weapons experts are approaching industry for ways to install hypersonic weapons aboard the navy's Zumwalt-class land-attack destroyers and Virginia-class fast-attack submarines.

Officials of the Navy Strategic Systems Programs office in Washington issued a sources-sought notice on Tuesday (N00030-24-R-1025) for the Conventional Prompt Strike Weapon System Development And Integration project.

Additionally, Strategic Systems Programs will continue joint all-up round missile development for the U.S. Army’s Long Range Hypersonic Weapon. This is a sources-sought notice requests capability statements from potential contractors, and is not yet a request for proposals.

Navy experts are trying to compile a list of prime systems integrators that could provide technical program management, integration, coordination, and system engineering in integrating the Conventional Prompt Strike hypersonic missile onto Zumwalt-class destroyers and Virginia-class submarines.

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The Conventional Prompt Strike program is developing a non-nuclear hypersonic weapon to enable precise and timely strike capability in contested environments with hypersonic weapons that can fly faster than five times the speed of sound and can maneuver at varying altitudes.

The goal is an ability to strike targets hundreds and even thousands of miles away in a matter of minutes. The missile will be fielded by the Navy and Army for service-specific weapons and launchers tailored for use from land and sea.

The Navy Conventional Prompt Strike program is developing a common hypersonic glide body and booster, and a sea-based weapon system and launcher.

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From industry, the Navy wants to know which companies could provide Conventional Prompt Strike systems architectures, subsystems, components, and test requirements for a hypersonic missile larger than 30 inches in diameter.

Companies should be able to support Army-unique canister development and integration, which is to remain common with the Navy and realize economies of scale for missile production supporting training, test, and tactical deliveries.

Navy officials want the Conventional Prompt Strike missile to come in a three-pack configuration to support the Zumwalt-class surface warships and Virginia-class submarines.

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Companies interested should email 10-page white papers no later than 25 May 2022 to the Navy's Emily Thomas at [email protected], with Conventional Prompt Strike Weapon System Development and Integration- Army and Navy Requirements in the subject line.

White papers should include company name; CAGE code; unique entity ID; company address; point of contact (POC); POC title; POC email address; POC phone number; size status; capabilities; experience; place of performance; period of performance; and estimated project cost.

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