Temperature-resistant bandpass filters for electro-optical uses and machine vision offered by Andover Corp.

March 9, 2023
Coating produces thin, lightweight optical filters while resisting extreme temperatures, humidity, scratching, and other environmental hazards.

SALEM, N.H. – Officials of Andover Corp. in Salem, N.H., are introducing ADVANTECH hard-coat bandpass filters with steep slopes, high light transmission, durability and long life for demanding applications like spectroscopy, fluorescence, imaging, and machine vision.

The surface bandpass filters provide electro-optical transmission rates of more than 90 percent at wavelengths from 337 to 1200 nanometers. These hard-coat filters are manufactured using a magnetron-sputtered hard oxide coating precisely deposited without any absorbing filter glass.

This coating produces optical filters that are thin and lightweight while providing resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, scratching, and other environmental hazards.

Hard oxide coatings are known to extend filter life to as long as 30 years. ADVANTECH hard coat filters are available in three standard sizes and mounted in an anodized aluminum ring.

ADVANTECH thin films can be customized to a wide range of substrate materials to achieve deep blocking and high transmission. For more information contact Andover Corp. online at www.andovercorp.com.

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