Navy asks Raytheon to build surveillance radar for P-8A Poseidon maritime and ASW reconnaissance aircraft

July 27, 2023
The Raytheon AN/APY-10 radar has reduced size, additional target track capabilities, color weather avoidance mode, and room for technology growth.

PHILADELPHIA – U.S. Navy airborne surveillance experts needed one advanced airborne radar systems for the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol, surveillance, and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. They found their solution from Raytheon Technologies Corp. (RTX).

Officials of the Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support activity in Philadelphia announced a $10 million order to the RTX Raytheon segment in McKinney, Texas, last week for one APY-10 radar system weapon repairable assembly.

The Raytheon AN/APY-10 maritime, littoral, and overland surveillance radar is a relatively new design for the P-8A Poseidon. Compared with the previous-generation AN/APS-137 radar, the AN/APY-10 has reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP); additional target track capabilities, a new color weather avoidance mode, and room for technology growth, Raytheon officials say.

The contract for one AN/APY-10 radar weapon repairable assembly brings to 11 the number of weapon repairable assemblies that Raytheon is providing for the P-8A aircraft. The delivery order does not include an option period.

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The P-8A is a specially hardened and reinforced version of the Boeing 737-800 passenger jet, and is designed to operate either at extremely low altitudes or at high altitudes over the ocean to search for potentially hostile submarines. The P-8A is designed to withstand the rigors of low-altitude turbulence and exposure to salt spray.

The AN/APY-10 surveillance radar is integrated into the Boeing mission control and display system aboard the Poseidon for control, display, and data distribution. The radar also will provide ultra-high-resolution imaging modes for maritime and overland operations. The radar fits in the nose of the Poseidon.

The Poseidon is replacing the P-3 Orion for long-range maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare. The aircraft is equipped with modern avionics, anti-ship missiles, sophisticated torpedoes, sonobuoys, radar, and signals-intelligence gear. The Navy plans to buy 117 P-8As to replace its P-3 fleet.

On this order Raytheon will do the work in McKinney, Texas, and should be finished by April 2026. For more information contact RTX Raytheon (formerly Raytheon Intelligence & Space) online at, or the Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support-Philadelphia at

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