Ultraviolet and visible-light imaging lens for law enforcement applications introduced by Resolve Optics

Jan. 3, 2024
Lens enables investigators to focus in the visible spectrum and slide on the ultraviolet filter to take images in the ultraviolet without refocusing.

CHESHAM, England – Resolve Optics Ltd. in Chesham, England, is introducing the model 228 lens for reflected ultraviolet imaging systems (RUVIS) used to detect fingerprints or bloodstains undiscovered during initial crime scene investigations.

Collection of evidence, after a crime has been committed, is essential to establish facts of the crime and identify potential suspects. Traditionally law enforcement officials have relied on their eyesight and evidence collection methods, such as lifting fingerprints with tape, which are prone to errors or omissions. These techniques are being replaced by crime scene investigators using RUVIS camera operating in the deep ultraviolet in the 320-to-400-nanometer band.

The model 228 lens offers advantages to RUVIS scope manufacturers and crime scene investigators in performance and ease-of-use. This lens provides high performance in the ultraviolet and visible-light wave bands to enable investigators to identify and focus on a target in the visible spectrum and then quickly slide the ultraviolet filter across to take images in the ultraviolet without refocusing.

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By using a telescopic focusing mount the model 228 lens offers a large movement in an extremely compact form. This unique lens offers a true high-resolution crime site macro viewing capability by imaging onto a RUVIS scope with a 1:1 lens magnification whilst exactly matching the optical resolution of lens and image intensifier.

Designed to provide a wide field of view the model 228 lens is widely deployed in RUVIS scopes used to produce macro images for fingerprinting and human skin damage applications.

For more information contact Resolve Optics online at www.resolveoptics.com/21st-century-fingerprint-detection.

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