Embedded arbitrary waveform generator cards for aerospace test and measurement introduced by Spectrum

Spectrum Instrumentation is introducing embedded arbitrary waveform generator cards for aerospace, lidar, radar, sonar, test and measurement applications.

May 24th, 2019
Spectrum 24 May 2019

By Mil & Aero staff

GROSSHANSDORF, Germany – Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH in Grosshansdorf, Germany, is introducing the M2p.6533-x4 and the M2p.6568-x4 eight-channel arbitrary waveform generator cards for aerospace, lidar, radar, sonar, robotics, industrial ultrasound, automotive, medical, and component testing applications.

The half-length PCI Express cards are 168 millimeters long, are for compact and affordable test systems, and enables users to synchronize as many as 80 channels in one PC.

The embedded cards offer an on-board memory of 512 megasamples to store and replay waveforms. Using the PCI Express-x4 platform, these arbitrary waveform generators offer 700 megabytes per second of FIFO streaming speed for automated testing when customers need to replay many test signals over many channels to re-create real-world test conditions.

These cards can be configured with eight channels of 80 megasamples per second or four of 125 megasamples per second, and are equipped with a cooling system, which makes them two slots wide.

Maximum output swing for test and measurement test and measurement is plus-or-minus 6 volts into 1 megaohm or plus-or-minus 3 volts into 50 Ohms. The cards come with Spectrum's SBench 6 control software.

For more information contact Spectrum Instrumentation online at https://spectrum-instrumentation.com.

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