Marvin delivers Air Force flightline test system for A-10C ground-attack jet three months early

The PATS-7A replaces several obsolete and irrepairable support instruments by automating and consolidating several test capabilities into one set.

Marvin Test 8 Aug 2019

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Marvin Test Solutions Inc. in Irvine, Calif., has completed deliveries for a U.S. Air Force flightline test chassis and instrumentation project to keep the A-10C Warthog ground-attack jet aircraft flying.

Marvin officials announced that their company has completed deliveries of PATS-70A test sets used for O-Level and I-Level maintenance of A-10/C aircraft three months ahead of schedule.

Marvin Test supplies the rugged flightline enclosure, chassis, power control, temperature regulation, switching, and test instrumentation for this program.

The Marvin Test PATS-70A capitalizes on the company's Test-207 rugged field test set -- a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PXI test and measurement system for field and flightline test applications.

The PATS-7A replaces more than a dozen pieces of obsolete and irrepairable support equipment by automating and consolidating several test capabilities into one set, company officials say. Originally designed only for flightline avionics test, the PATS-70A also offers armament test capabilities.

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Officials of the Air Force Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, initially partnered with Marvin in 2014 to accelerate PATS-70 production to replace the obsolete PATS-30. The PATS-70A program enhances the capabilities of the PATS-70 test set for the A-10 ground-attack jet by adding additional armament test support.

Marvin won an $8.6 million contract last year to provide chassis and instrumentation to produce PATS-70A test sets. The contract included upgrade kits to upgrade PATS-70 test sets to the PATS-70A configuration.

The contract called for Marvin to deliver 83 PATS-70A upgrade kits; 35 chassis, portable automated test sets; 153 high-current relay cards; 35 digital multi-meter cards; 118 field-programmable gate array (FPGA) cards; 118 programmable resistive modules; and 118 precision DC sources.

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