Optical isolator with beam splitter cubes for electro-optical OEM integration introduced by MKS Instruments

Feb. 18, 2020
The electro-optical devices contain optically contacted polarizing beam splitter cubes, which results in relatively high transmission rates.

ANDOVER, Mass. – MKS Instruments Inc. in Andover, Mass., is introducing the Compact Faraday Optical Isolator unidirectional light valve to allow transmission of light in only one direction and prevent optical feedback into an optical oscillator in OEM integration applications.

These electro-optical devices are available with a 2- or 4-millimeter clear aperture, in a variety of wavelength ranges to allow for optimal isolation and transmission at specific wavelengths.

The devices contain optically contacted polarizing beam splitter cubes resulting in high transmission compared to competitively available isolators.

These products are offered in 532-, 638-, 650-, and 785-nanometer wavelengths with optional wave plates. They have more than 33-decibel isolation and more than 95 percent transmission.

For more information contact MKS Instruments online at www.mksinst.com.

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